Author: JamieKate
•2:45 PM
Uh, so. Yeah. Sorry. Remember when I was doing that blogging thing? Well, I stopped for a little bit. Mostly because, got in the way. And I realized that building an online platform for an unedited, unmarketed novel wouldn't do me any good if I wasn't working on the novel. So I finished the novel. Then I started the new novel which I like a lot better than the other novel. And then I mentally scrapped the other novel and was advised against it by my new boyfriend that I also obtained in my sabbatical.

So now, I'm working on two novels. One's in production and one's in post-production. And one's in pre-production but I'm not even thinking about working on it yet.

I hope you haven't forgotten me entirely. And...I hope you still love me. ...Yes.