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•3:34 PM
All right. Yes. I've been terribly remiss in my blog-writing schedule. I mean, look at it. Look at all the days between the "Quick Update" and now. So many. So, if any of you were looking for some wonderful, wise wisdom from the wacky world of Jamie (yay for arbitrary alliteration), I apologize. But I assure you, I had several good reasons for being absent. First and foremost being that I was busy. Incredibly busy. College is a busy place, did you know that? Wow.

Anyway. I'm back. And I'm happy to report that I have experienced a burst of inspiration in my novel, and I am currently speeding through a rather important scene in a way I think is satisfactory. I know. I'm awesome. Well, in some ways. In others, not. I have not in any way been taking my own advice about writing every day. That is to say, I have been writing, but it's been essays and reading/film responses and take-home tests and not anything creative or worthwhile. Ever since the start of the week, however, I have been writing a lot, and I hope to keep it that way until the next storm of homework comes.

Sorry to have been so long and to have my post be so pathetic and short when it finally came, but thank you for following me and being such awesome people. Also, hello new followers! *waves to the computer screen and only feels slightly silly*
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•11:13 AM
So, my little bloglings, this weekend I'm participating in "Write Your @ss Off" weekend sponsored by the lovely Moonrat (or Editorial Ass).  Participants devote as much time as they can on any day this weekend to their weekend and report their progress back to her! I'm very excited. Today is my day, as I did all the important dorm maintenance stuff yesterday and now I'm free as a bird.

Let's hope I do well!
Author: JamieKate
•11:41 AM
(Hey, did you notice my blog is pretty now? Look at the trees!)

Revision, I believe, is the hardest part of writing. Well, besides getting started and learning the basics. But there's something irrational, I believe, in having to become objective in regards to something so personal and close to your heart. You put your heart and soul into words, trying to make them fit together into one blossoming, beautiful, evocative being, and then you have to gradually go through and pick at it. Point out its flaws as if you hadn't created them yourself. Strip it of elements you thought made sense at one point. Of course, what comes out after this grueling process is a better being, one stronger and shinier than the one you started out with. But it's such hard work.

Loving something you've written is like loving yourself. You know you have flaws. You may try to improve on them, but they'll never be gone completely. Then others may come around and point out new flaws you never knew existed.

Maybe it's just because I'm in the writhing, hopeless throes of revision without a ready critique partner, but it seems like editing is a rather hopeless task. Nothing can ever be perfect. And no matter what I do to the book, someone won't like it. Lots of someones won't like it. Namely, literary agents and editors.

Life. Please go away while I try to improve my novel and start my literary career. Please?