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•10:08 PM
So I'm going to cease the writing discussion that has ruled this blog for many centuries (or, you know, months) and talk about my real life. If you do not care about my real life, you can stop reading now. But I promise I'll insert as many witty comments as possible.

Today I moved in to my new dorm at my new college. And it was while unpacking (and not before) that I realized I knew no one on campus. Uhh. Wow.

I say "wow" for two reasons. First: I didn't realize I would be completely alone until unpacking. Which is sad in itself. I guess I was just trying to block out thoughts of the scary future. Second: HOLY CRAP I HAVE NO FRIENDS.

I, Jamie, will have to make it on my own, and coerce these random people into finding me agreeable enough to hang out with all on my own. Yeah. I know. Daunting and sad. Mostly because I'd rather curl up in my room and write than venture out into the real world and talk to people. And because my humor shrivels to nothing in the actual company of other people because they frighten me so much. People are FRIGHTENING. Have you noticed this? I have. They all have their own judgments and opinions floating around in their heads, just waiting to pounce on your every tiny flaw and misstep. And most of them don't even like historical fiction. Or at least not the college aged ones that I'm going to have to approach.

Scary, freaky stuff.

I will persevere, though. It will be okay. I can make friends in classes. But all these people, though they have been kind so far, are very intimidating with their inside jokes and their...talking. I wish I could just imprint my personality on peoples' minds so I could know up front whether or not they'd like to be my friend and we could skip the whole me-being-nervous-because-you-might-not-like-me thing.

Shh. Jamie. Stop panicking. You can do this. Just charm them with all your...charm. And...charm.

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On January 25, 2010 at 1:13 AM , Linda Heminway said...

You'll do fine. There are some nice people there. It might take awhile, you can't expect immediate friendships but it would appear they are willing to try.
Relax and enjoy, you are sweet and funny and they will get that about you.

On January 25, 2010 at 9:47 AM , DL Hammons said...

I was in your exact position 35 years ago. When I moved into my dorm room at LSU I was complete stranger to everyone, and them to me. I had just moved from North Carolina to Louisiana, so I didn't know a single soul in the entire state! GULP! And I'm an introvert, which meant that making friends was going to be a long, drawn out process. And it was. I absolutely love your comment about imprinting your personality on people's minds!

But I'm happy to report that I did get through that time and ended up making life-long friends.

So...keep your chin up and remember.

We're always here if you need us!