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•10:52 PM
I just deluged my music library with new music (Thanks iTunes gift cards!). One of the songs I bought on a whim based on the 30 second preview afforded me was a song called "Lullaby for my Favorite Insomniac" by the Ahn Trio. I bought it because it was very pretty and calming, and I'm always looking for music to write different types of scenes to. (If you haven't heard it and you would like to, you can listen to it here.)

During my first time actually listening to it, I noticed something odd. Or, not really odd, but just out of the ordinary, we'll say. About a minute and forty-five seconds into the song, a man starts whispering. And so far, from my limited experience with the song, he doesn't seem to be saying anything determinable. He may or may not be speaking English; it might be complete gibberish for all I know.

My interest piqued, I searched online for info on whether or not this was on purpose or if it was a live recording and some stupid guy had just been talking during the performance. But the effect was real and intentional. And in the various places I looked, there were different reactions. One true insomniac said he listened to it and thought it was like the constant, recurring worries and thoughts that plagued him when he couldn't sleep. Another said it was like a calming parent telling a child a bedtime story. Yet another person thought it was just noise, meant to be like percussion in the background - there was no meaning to it.

I didn't think any of those things. While in danger of revealing my true hopeless romantic nature, I admit that I listened to it, closed my eyes, and pictured my future husband (whoever and wherever he is) just reviewing his day with me. Telling me his likes and dislikes and the little events that he thought to tell me earlier as we wait for sleep to overtake us. Idealized and sad, isn't it, in a way?

But this got me to thinking about how so much in life is subjective. These people all heard exactly the same song and had completely different reactions to it. And thinking about how, no matter what I write, there will be someone who doesn't like it. Someone will think it is too dark, someone won't like the ending, someone will find it beautiful and touching, someone will find an historical inaccuracy. I shouldn't worry about pleasing everybody with my writing, because it's pointless and absurd. Even though I'd like to.

Ah, my pointless thoughts. Please, don't let me keep you.
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