Author: JamieKate
•4:46 PM
Alright. I've been writing this one scene in my book for over a week. It's not the type of scene I usually write: fast-paced action and lots of violence. I'm quite out of my element, and though I feel I'm learning, I hate it. Blech! Action. Who needs it? You only have so many different words to use for pain and violence before you run out. Blow, strike, punch, fist. Done! Or, at least, I can't think of any more. And my own inexperience in this area is playing a part as well. The violence area, I mean. I'm a female who's never been in a fight or felt an urge to hit anyone besides my sibling (but that's an inherent quality, I think).

Just thought I'd vent. Return to your life, nonexistant reader.
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