Author: JamieKate
•5:31 PM
WIN: I'm on the last chapter of my new book. I expect it to be complete very soon. Within hours and/or days, actually. This is both good and bad, since I have no real new idea for a novel, but I will have two completed novels (pending numerous revisions).

FAIL: I've been putting off sending my partial. Bad, I know. Criminal, even. But I just feel that, after rereading it, it isn't my best work, and I would really want to rework the entire beginning of the novel in order to be able to put it out. And that is even more criminal, because it means I hadn't reread it enough before querying. Faux pas to the max. Beginning writers aren't allowed to make mistakes and/or bend rules, ask anyone.

MEDIOCRE: I may convert one of my old unfinished novels (which is set in contemporary times, unlike about 90% of what I've written) into a historical one to make it fit my future target audience and so that I will actually finish it. Writing in contemporary times is pretty boring, in my opinion. Where's the excitement, the escape? Anyways. I might do that. But I haven't decided. And I'd have to alter the plot slightly, because I don't want to look like a one-note writer, and all my books seem to have a guy who's in unrequited love. I have more than one note, I swear. I just have to figure out where the hell I put the other one. That was a joke, by the way, if any agents/publishers happen to pass by this epic, sweeping public monstrosity of a blog. I have many diverse, marketable, loveable notes. Ask anyone. And by anyone I mean me, because no one knows who I am.
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